About Us

About us Wiserfunding is a London-based FinTech company specialised in assessing the credit risk of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Through our online platform, we allow businesses looking to obtain finance or lenders and insurers looking to assess the risk of business applicants to get more accurate data to make better decisions quicker than ever before.

The SME Z-Score

Our scoring models are powerful and unique. We are specialized in assessing the credit risk of SMEs that we define as companies with a turnover between £1m and £150m.

We have worked extensively across more than 10 years to find the most predictive financial ratios and qualitative variables to assess the risk profile of SMEs.

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Risk Models

We segment our models by geography and industry sector to maximize their prediction power. All our models have the same structure with 3 modules to ensure consistency across different countries.

Team Members

DR.Gabriele Sabato

CEO & co-founder

DR.Edward ALtman

Board members & co-founder

dr.Walter Gontarek

Deputy Chairman


Our platform has been built using on the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technology and can retrieve the input we need from multiple sources and provide the output in few seconds.

We are connected to all major databases across Europe from where we automatically source the inputs we need to run our models. Usually, we just need a company number or tax number for a company to be able to retrieve all we need in order to perform our risk assessment.

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