There is power in simplicity

Credit risk assessment doesn't need to be complicated and intimidating. We designed our platform to allow everyone, with or without previous risk management experience, to be able to use it and get the most out of our sophisticated models.

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Credit Risk Assessment

Automated data sourcing

The easiest way to run our powerful models simply requires a company or tax number. We do the rest through our sophisticated API connections, downloading real-time information from several databases and processing them as inputs to our models.

  • Faster than manual assessment
  • Unbiased, standardised credit risk analysis
  • Available for 80m+ companies in the EU
  • Powerful report, highlighting important metrics

Non-public Data

Manual data entry

As a client, you can provide this data in order to check the impact on the SME Z-Score. Provide a few financial variables and we’ll source the rest for the report.

  • Secure data entry (frontend or API)
  • Less than 15 financials required
  • Available for any company globally
  • Empower our models with your data

SME Prospecting Tool

Lead generation powered by our SME Z-Score

Generating qualified sales leads is key for every business. By searching companies not just using sales criteria, but also risk ones, our customers maximise the value of their leads. The SME Prospecting tool is the ultimate sales generator.

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Companies ranked by risk profile
  • Isolate companies within risk parameters
  • Retrieve all the contact information you need

SME Accounting Data Link

Monitoring and early-warnings

Many SMEs rely on accounting software (e.g. XERO, Quickbooks, Sage) to run their business. Through APIs, we can connect to this accounting software to download up to date financial information and refresh the business credit score to monitor the creditworthiness of the company and create an early-warning system.

  • Simple setup and implementation
  • Control automatic update frequency
  • Reconcile filed and management accounts
  • Build early warning indicators

Create, Build, Improve

Use the power of our models and data sources to build your own unique in house solution. A full REST API is available for our enterprise customers, see more below or get in touch today to learn how we can work together.

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