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Powerfully simple

Credit risk is complicated, but insights shouldn’t be. We built our platform to allow you to get the most out of our models, regardless of your expertise.
Generate comprehensive assessments with our proprietary metrics in under 10 seconds, and share them instantly with your team, customers, and investors.
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Risk models
Over 76 models tailored by sector and geography give you the most relevant and reliable risk ratings.
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Data sources
Build a 360° customer view with financial variables enriched by corporate governance, press coverage, social media, and macroeconomic data.
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Wiserfunding by the numbers

£3bn+ supported lending
150 years of credit expertise
70+ clients served
5 continents covered


Credit scoring, made for SMEs. Gain access to our proprietary metrics to understand your risk exposure in the fastest, simplest form.
SME Z-Score and Bond Rating Equivalent
Cut through the complexity of risk reporting with a single, comprehensive metric based on all 3 modules of our risk engine. Each business receives a risk rating from 0 to 1,000 alongside industry and geography benchmarks, so you know exactly how your risk profile stacks up. Communicate risk using a scale your investors already understand. Our BRE translates the SME Z-Score into the S&P’s bond rating scale based on a sample of 100,000+ global corporate bonds issued in the last 4 decades.
Probability of Default and Loss Given Default
Generate a reliable Probability of Default for your reporting and financial modelling. We calculate a 1-year PD by transforming the SME Z-Score using exponential formulas, calibrated by country and industry. Understand exactly how much is at stake in a worst-case scenario. We derive an unsecured LGD for each company using balance sheet ratios and macroeconomic benchmarks in similar industries and countries.
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Risk models

SMEs are a special breed that can’t be assessed using consumer or corporate tools. We’ve developed an archive of models tailored to companies from £500k to £500mn in annual turnover.
Industry and country-specific
One size doesn’t fit all for credit risk. Our archive of 76 risk models are individually calibrated by sector and geography using an SME dataset covering 20+ years. We build benchmarks directly into the platform to give you the precise context you need to make decisions confidently.
Latest and greatest
We’ve built 76 risk models so far, but we’re not stopping there. We’re constantly sourcing new data from new geographies to widen our coverage. Each model gets routinely refreshed with the latest data, so your insights are always fresh without needing to invest in model maintenance.
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Bespoke builds
Need to update your in-house models or cover a new niche? We’ll collaborate with your team to modify, codify, and scale risk models that capture your unique risk profile and target market. Our experts are at your disposal to combine our expertise with your experience.
Academic expertise
Our risk models are based on over 5 decades of academic research pioneered by our founder – the godfather of credit risk – Professor Ed Altman. The SME Z-Score is trained using over millions of data points from 20+ years of real-world experience.

Data sources

Company accounts are just the beginning. We supplement core financials with unstructured, qualitative, and macroeconomic data so you have full access to all the information that matters.
Financial statements, without the hassle. Access the freshest filings and calculate a full suite of financial ratios at the click of a button, cleaned and synthesised for easy use.
Money matters, but context is king. We pull corporate governance, legal events, press coverage, and social media data to build a rich company portrait beyond the numbers.
No business is an island. Our research shows that macroeconomic variables like defaults, GDP growth, inflation, unemployment and interest rates all have material implications for risk. We built them into our platform so you never miss the big picture.
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Innovative data sourcing
We combine financial history with the widest range of structured and unstructured data. Our API and portal provide automated access through a single point of entry, so your data is always one click away.
Artificial intelligence
AI is in our DNA. From data extraction to advanced analytics, each layer of our platform leverages artificial intelligence to improve speed and predictive accuracy. Unstructured data, machine learning, and bespoke modelling are all working on your behalf.
Non-public data
Our models aren’t limited by our data sources, so you can leverage any additional information you have at your disposal. Upload any non-public data you have, and we’ll run it through our models to assess the impact it has on your risk exposure.

API vs. Portal

We built Wiserfunding to give you credit intelligence anytime, anywhere, completely on your own terms.
Get it your way
Access our platform through our portal, API, or both – we don’t mind. Our pricing is flexible, so it doesn’t matter how you choose to access your insights.
Build on our foundation
Our API puts the power of our platform in your hands. We provide a simple REST API interface to give you a real-time link to all of our models. Extract as much insight as you need and build it directly into your workflow.
Plug and Play
Want instant insight? You can use our portal immediately without any setup needed –just input any company’s identification number and access your analytics. Make the portal your own adding your logo and brand colours.