Take out the stress of compliance with
our Regulatory Solution 

In an industry subject to intense scrutiny and rigorous directives, our solution helps you navigate the landscape of financial regulation with ease. Embrace a culture of transparency and accountability, confident that your operations conform absolutely to the latest regulations. 

Why Us?

Our solution is designed to tackle the complexities of the regulatory environment, streamlining and simplifying the processes so that compliance becomes second nature. 

Incorporating custom risk models, IFRS9 and capital reporting, our solution uses AI technology to continuously improve and enrich our models, so you can be confident that your portfolio will always comply with current regulations. 

Key features of our Regulatory Solution: 

  • Stress Testing

  • Reporting

  • Integration

  • Privacy

  • Automatic Compliance

Test the resilience of your portfolio under a range of market conditions by subjecting it to simulated ICAAP-compliant stress testing scenarios.

Deliver fully regulation-compliant documentation every-time – covering risk exposure, concentration risk, capital adequacy and other key risk metrics. 

Enjoy seamless integration with your existing systems to minimise disruption to your ongoing processes. 

With in-built robust data encryption and access controls to safeguard sensitive customer and financial information, our solution adheres to the highest data privacy standards. 

Take advantage of the benefits of automated management and have full confidence that your documents are fully watertight. 

How Can Our Solution Help 

Harness the advantages of our intelligent solution and streamline your
processes to perform
accurate, compliant risk assessments at speed.


Save money with our intelligent tech instead of hiring in-house advisors. Free up your analysts to apply their skills more strategically. 


Our solution can grow to accommodate increasing data volume and complexity, ultimately supporting you to scale your operations.


Our solution offers clear, straightforward explanations for risk assessment processes and the decisions it makes. It allows a complete and thorough understanding of how risk is being managed within your business. 


Build the solution around your requirements, confident in the knowledge that it will always be regulation-compliant. Our solution is constantly monitoring to accommodate any changes or updates.

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