Monitor the risk, not the company

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, proactive risk management is your shield against uncertainty. Bankruptcy filings and insolvencies have surged by over 50% from last year, with defaults expected to rise throughout 2023.
But with Wiserfunding, you can stay ahead of the curve. Here's why you should choose our Portfolio Management Solution:


Give your analysts time to analyse

Don't let your analysts drown in data. Our solution automates the monitoring of your portfolio, freeing up valuable time for your skilled teams to focus on analysing trends, identifying opportunities, and proactively planning for potential threats.

Automate Monitoring

Time Efficiency and Real-Time Insights

Automated monitoring is more than just a feature; it's about reclaiming precious time that your analysts can now invest in making smarter decisions. Instead of hours wasted on data collection and processing, our solution swiftly sources and processes real-time data, instantly unveiling your portfolio's full risk profile.


This means you can respond swiftly to emerging risks and seize opportunities, all while maintaining an up-to-date understanding of your portfolio's health.

Custom risk alerts

Precision and Focus

Custom risk alerts cut through the clutter, ensuring your analysts aren't overwhelmed by unnecessary information. By tailoring alerts to notify you only when the risk profile changes, you stay informed without the distracting noise.


This precision allows your team to focus on critical changes that genuinely impact your portfolio, empowering you to take proactive actions and make timely, well-informed decisions. It's about clarity in a sea of data.


Targeted Insights and Informed Strategy

Segmentation recognises that one size doesn't fit all in portfolio management. By creating multiple portfolios segmented by industry, region, product, or risk, you gain the targeted insights that matter most to you.


Experience the strategic advantage our solution provides by allowing you to tailor your approach and make data-driven decisions that align precisely with your goals, maximising the impact of your portfolio management efforts.

Key features of our Portfolio Solution: 

  • Monitoring

  • Reporting

  • Data

  • Alerts


Tired of wading through financial data to compile the next quarterly review?

Your current monitoring processes may be riddled with inefficiencies, consuming valuable time and resources.

Our solution simplifies and streamlines these processes, liberating your team to focus on what truly matters – making well-informed decisions that unlock the full potential of your portfolio.

Say goodbye to the pain of cumbersome and time-consuming monitoring procedures, and embrace the efficiency and confidence that comes with our streamlined solution.

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Everyone loves Excel, but there is a faster way to produce portfolio reports

Generating detailed portfolio reports can be a time-consuming task, diverting your skilled teams from more strategic endeavours.

Our solution changes this dynamic by producing comprehensive portfolio reports quickly. This time-saving feature enables your analysts to invest more time in understanding trends, identifying new opportunities, and proactively planning against potential threats.

Get a consolidated view of the entire risk profile of your portfolio, with key risk metrics like Probability of Default (PD), Loss Given Default (LGD), SME Z Scores and Bond-Rating-Equivalent (BRE). 

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Can you send me your latest management accounts, please? 

Dealing with raw data can be overwhelming, especially when it's not presented in a digestible format.

Our solution transforms this raw data into consumable reports, presented in a format that identifies key focus areas. This shift from data overload to insightful reporting enables your analysts to make smarter, faster decisions, without the headaches of deciphering complex data sets.

It's about simplifying the data landscape, making it more actionable and less daunting.

Alerts Updated

Drowning in company alerts, updates and notifications? 

Waiting for issues to become critical before taking action can lead to reactive risk management, resulting in missed opportunities and increased exposure.

With our solution, you can configure alerts tailored to your risk appetite for different portfolios. This empowers you to spot deterioration or negative trends before they become critical, allowing you to take proactive steps to mitigate risks. Moreover, it helps you seize positive trends promptly, opening up opportunities for your sales team. It's about shifting from reactive to proactive risk management, minimizing pain points associated with unexpected challenges.

How our solution resolves your pain points and delivers value:

In the midst of data overload, our portfolio solution acts as your guiding light.
We help you cut through the noise, ensuring you gain insights that truly matter. We simplify, streamline, and amalgamate your processes, liberating your valuable time. This newfound freedom allows you to make well-informed decisions that maximise your portfolio's potential. It's about breaking free from the shackles of information overload and focusing on what truly matters.
Transforming minutes into informed decision time
Creating a portfolio now takes mere minutes, and producing a detailed portfolio report is even quicker. This efficiency empowers your skilled teams to spend more time delving into trends, identifying fresh opportunities, and proactively planning against potential threats.
No more time wasted on sourcing, processing, and calculating raw data. It's about saving your portfolio managers' time for what truly drives value – strategic decision-making.
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Turning raw data into actionable insights
Raw data is powerful, but only when it's up to date and digestible. Our solution transforms your data into consumable reports, presented in a format that identifies key focus areas. These insights empower your analysts to make smarter, faster decisions. It's about simplifying the data landscape, ensuring your team can navigate it effortlessly.
A standardised approach to risk assessment

Assessing global company risk profiles can be a daunting task, particularly when dealing with multiple regions, diverse data formats, and varying economic conditions. Our solution ensures uniformity. Your entire portfolio is assessed by the same metrics, with risk models segmented by size, industry, and region. This consistency minimises the complexity of risk assessment. It's about standardising your approach for clarity and efficiency.

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Spotting trends before they impact you 
Don't wait for the distressing news of a bankruptcy notice. Our solution allows you to track the risk profile of every company in your portfolio, spot deterioration or negative trends, and respond accordingly. Configurable alerts refine your risk appetite for different portfolios. Moreover, they identify positive trends, opening up opportunities for your sales team. It's about moving from reactive to proactive risk management, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.
Enhancing decision-making with precise models 
Our models are up to 30% more accurate, powered by non-financial and macro-economic data alongside financial performance data. Integration with Codat or Validis ensures you have up-to-date financial data at regular intervals, providing the most accurate trends and insights. Benchmarking for comparison by region and sector enhances your decision-making precision. It's about increasing the reliability of your decision-making process.
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Tailoring solutions to your needs 
Wiserfunding offers tailored solutions, from configurable risk alerts to bespoke model development. We have the skills, experience, and technology to support your unique business needs, enabling you to make the right SME lending decisions. It's about having solutions that align perfectly with your objectives.
Global Reach
Accessing insights beyond borders 

While we primarily operate in the UK and Europe, we don't confine our expertise to these regions. If you have data from other regions, we have the models and expertise to turn that data into actionable insights. It's about expanding your geographic reach and gaining insights from diverse markets.

Choose Wiserfunding to transform your portfolio management, addressing pain points and unlocking the full potential of your portfolio.

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