Unlock confidence at every step with our Origination Solution

At Wiserfunding, we don't just offer a solution; we offer a partnership built on trust and innovation.

Here's why choosing Wiserfunding is your pathway to transformative success.

Academic Expertise Meets AI Innovation

At Wiserfunding, we merge decades of academic expertise with cutting-edge AI technology, creating an intelligent, intuitive, and lightning-fast solution tailored to your SME lending needs.
Actionable Insights in Seconds

Our solution masterfully assimilates diverse data strands, organising and transforming them into actionable insights. With Wiserfunding, you'll confidently make informed decisions in seconds.
Unrivaled accuracy, Exceptional Results

Experience unparalleled accuracy with our solution, boasting a 30% higher accuracy rate compared to competitors. It's your key to efficiently scaling your operation without compromising precision.

Key features of our Origination Solution: 

  • Data

  • Smart Tech

  • Live Financials

  • Trends

  • Benchmarking

Comprehensive data insights - illuminating the full picture

Our solution doesn't just scratch the surface; it delves deep into the intricate web of data. We tap into a myriad of data points, meticulously painting a comprehensive and holistic picture of your target company. From financial history to operational intricacies, we leave no stone unturned. The result? Credit assessments that are sharper, more informed, and astonishingly precise. We're your key to making lending decisions with unwavering confidence.

Smart tech integration - powering your success

In today's dynamic lending landscape, staying ahead requires more than traditional approaches. We empower you with the transformative force of smart technology. Our integrated solutions are finely tuned to provide you with the cutting-edge tools needed for success. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace the future of SME lending. With Wiserfunding, you're always at the forefront of innovation.

Live financial data - real-time insights for real-world decisions

In a world where change is the only constant, having access to live financial data is paramount. Our solution ensures you're always in the know about your clients' financial health. No more relying on stale data that's outdated the moment it's pulled. With Wiserfunding, you have your finger on the pulse of your clients' financial well-being, allowing you to make agile, well-informed lending decisions.

Gaining a competitive edge

SME lending is as much an art as it is a science. To excel, you need to identify trends and measure your performance against industry benchmarks. Our solution equips you with the tools to do just that. Uncover emerging trends, analyse historical data, and benchmark your lending decisions against industry standards. With Wiserfunding, you're not just making decisions; you're gaining a strategic edge in the fiercely competitive world of lending.

A holistic perspective - the complete picture

SMEs are complex entities, influenced by a multitude of factors. Our approach is equally multifaceted. We draw from an extensive range of data points, seamlessly incorporating structured, unstructured, and macroeconomic data. This comprehensive approach enables you to form a balanced and realistic impression of individual SMEs and the broader context in which they operate. With Wiserfunding, you don't just see part of the puzzle; you see the entire picture.

How our solution can revolutionise your lending:

Benefit from a comprehensive and standardised view of SME risk across the whole of Europe and the UK. 

Efficiency Unleashed

Automate laborious manual tasks, saving both time and money while opening the door to scalable operations. Your analysts will have more time and access to richer insights, enabling smarter, faster lending decisions.


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Unmatched Accuracy

With up to 30% more accuracy than competitors, our solution significantly reduces default risk. You'll have confidence in every decision, thanks to a consistent, foolproof process.

Tailored Relevancy

Customise our solution to align with your risk tolerance, ensuring the insights you receive are directly relevant to your business. These actionable insights translate into tangible benefits for your bottom line.

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Always Up-to-Date

When our APIs have exhausted all publicly available data, you can upload management accounts or integrate directly with accounting software. This empowers your analysts to make confident decisions at lightning speed.

Join the future of SME lending with Wiserfunding.

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