Welcome to a new era of SME lending excellence

At Wiserfunding, we understand the challenges that lenders face in today's complex financial landscape. We've made it our mission to transform the way financial institutions operate, alleviating the pain points and overcoming the challenges that have held them back from supporting SME's for too long. Our suite of cutting-edge solutions empowers you to navigate the intricate world of SME credit risk management with confidence and efficiency.


Revolutionise Your Lending Strategy
Traditionally, assessing the risk profile of an SME has been a complex and time-consuming process.
Lenders have had to rely on outdated financial data, manually collect and process up-to-date information, navigate siloed communication between risk teams, and grapple with inconsistencies in data across regions. Matching financial data to non-financial and macroeconomic factors required specialised expertise, making it challenging to achieve consistent and reliable risk assessments.

Real time insights

Access real-time financial data and automated risk assessments in seconds, Saving you time and resources, allowing your skilled teams to focus on strategic decision-making.

Consistency & accuracy

Ensure consistent risk assessments across regions and leverage our expertise for reliable insights, by combining financial, non-financial, and macroeconomic data for a holistic view of SMEs.
Rapid decisions

Validate and close business faster by having all the data needed in one place to make fast, accurate, confident decisions, so approved customers can access cash faster.

Portfolio Management

Empower Your Risk Management

Monitoring an SME portfolio has been a challenging endeavour for financial institutions.

They often struggle with the time-consuming process of collecting and updating data, leading to reliance on outdated information. Manual data processing and a lack of automation hinder their ability to proactively identify risks and opportunities within the portfolio.

Communication gaps between various teams can result in inefficient decision-making and inconsistent risk assessments. Additionally, navigating complexities across different regions and industries adds to the challenge of achieving a holistic view of the portfolio.

Overall, the traditional portfolio monitoring approach is resource-intensive, prone to errors, and lacks the agility needed to respond swiftly to changing market dynamics.


Automated monitoring

Choose the frequency of your monitoring and allow our solution to automate the analysis using the most up to date data available.
Receive automated reports allowing you to see your portfolio from a diverse perspective.
Painless proactivity

Stay ahead of the curve by quickly identifying clients that are starting to show some signs of distress, allowing you to make proactive decisions.
Share growing companies with your sales team to engage for additional business opportunities. 
Scaling ambitions

Embrace automated portfolio reporting and configurable alerts so you can focus on solving the most complex cases and free up your experts.
It's time to monitor the risk, not the company. 


Stay Compliant, Stay Ahead
Regulatory reporting plays a pivotal role for financial institutions, particularly concerning capital adequacy, provisions, and compliance with IFRS 9 standards. It serves as a vital mechanism for ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory bodies such as central banks and financial authorities.
Accurate and timely regulatory reporting is essential for demonstrating capital sufficiency, maintaining financial stability, and safeguarding against risks.
Lean operations

Save costs by leveraging our
automated technology and our experienced team of data scientists instead of
hiring in-house advisors.
Unparalleled Support

Test out the what-ifs of business by subjecting your portfolio to the stress tests of different economic scenarios. Count on us to guide you through the compliance landscape. 
Built around you

Harness our bespoke solution built to fit your individual needs and help propel your business forward 
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