Powering the SME ecosystem


Boost profitability and improve customer experience with advanced analytics and insights at the touch of your fingertips.

Streamlined customer onboarding
Automated credit screening
Predictive portfolio analytics

Digital and Neo Banks

Onboard, originate, and service fresh financing with the speed and transparency that customers demand.

Automated credit screening
Customisable risk criteria
API-integrated workflows

Non-bank lending

Build an entirely new risk function or augment your existing workflow with configurations to meet your lending model.

Bespoke risk modelling
Rapid risk assessments
Customised decisioning tools
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Asset management

Empower your dealmakers and managers with advanced analytical tools designed with SMEs in mind.

Portfolio segmentation
Regulation-compliant stress testing
Internal & external benchmarking

Property Lending

Assess developers and building societies to power lending decisions at any stage of construction.

Property-specific risk benchmarks
Integrated management accounts data
Press, legal, and financial history

Invoice factoring

Move faster than your borrowers and their payors for a smooth, safe factoring process.

Borrower risk validation
Payor default prediction
Accelerated invoice decisioning
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Revenue-based finance

Gain comprehensive insight into the financial viability of your customers with historical analysis and predictive modelling.

Cash flow history & prediction
Financial ratio benchmarking
Sector and geographic comparisons
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Embedded finance

From multi-sided marketplaces to point-of-sale finance, master your risk to focus on your customers and scale confidently.

Integrated risk analytics
Instant credit assessments
Customised decisioning tools

Buy Now Pay Later

Instantly assess customer creditworthiness beyond individual transactions for rapid and reliable financing.

Automated screening & origination
API-enabled decisioning
Flexible usage-based pricing
Learn how Playter makes instant credit decisions to scale sustainably with Wiserfunding and Codat

Supply chain

Visualise the viability of your customers’ supply chains to spot financial strengths and opportunities.

Sector-specific risk modelling
5-year financial histories
Precision default predictions

Commercial Credit Insurance

Analyse borrowers to find new opportunities and maintain a margin of safety in your portfolio.

IFRS-9 compliant Probability of Default (PD)
Loss Given Default (LGD) predictions
Embedded stress-testing & resilience analytics


Get a 360° view of any transaction with holistic historical analysis and precise predictions of all parties to the deal.

SME-specific risk benchmarking
Legal history, corporate governance & media coverage
Live risk analytics