Revenue-Based Finance

Optimise your portfolio and safeguard it's future

In the world of Revenue-Based Finance, where agility and precision are paramount, we understand the unique challenges you face and provide the expertise and technology needed to elevate your credit operations.


The challenge 

Unleashing true portfolio potential  

Expertise and resource gaps hinder effective portfolio management, limiting your ability to maximise portfolio performance  

Overcoming data obstacles 

Reliance on outdated financial data prevents accurate evaluation of risk as market dynamics change rapidly. 
Relying on outdated financial data can hinder your ability to accurately evaluate risk, especially in a rapidly changing market landscape. Ensuring your portfolio's health demands access to real-time insights and data.
Unanswered What ifs” 

What if another recession hits? Without being able to test these scenarios, it can often feel like you're taking a stab in the dark.
Navigating the uncertainties of lending without the ability to test various scenarios can leave you feeling in the dark. You need the capability to stress-test lending figures against potential market fluctuations and economic downturns.
Only half the story 

Juggling big data sets from multiple sources creates complexity, making it challenging to gain a holistic view of your portfolio.
 Managing diverse data sets from various sources can create a web of complexity, making it challenging to gain a comprehensive view of your portfolio. To optimise your lending decisions, you require a holistic perspective.

How we can help: Understand your customers inside-out with real-time data.

As SME specialists, Wiserfunding provides risk insights that surpass industry standards by 30%. Our access to real-time data and automated assessments keeps your portfolio optimised, ensuring you offer timely and appropriate support to your customers.

Our Portfolio solution : Unlock the potential of your portfolio with credit intelligence.

Experience faster, smarter portfolio risk management that grants you a 360-degree view of your portfolio. Here's how we address these challenges:

Stay alert with valuable
risk monitoring
Receive automated reports offering visibility into risk metrics, enabling proactive measures to prevent unforeseen distress or default. Set customised alerts so you can keep an eye on the data most valuable to you.
Stay forward-looking with a focus on future growth

Leverage automation to
stress-test market dynamics against a company's future performance within seconds. Bet on future growth with the right assumptions.

Enrich your data
with integration 
Break down silos by seamlessly integrating your accounting software, consolidating all your data for easy analysis in one place.
Case Studies

How we have helped other Revenue Based Finance companies:

Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.

  • Portfolio Performance

  • Navigating Market Agility

  • Mastering Preparedness

  • Gaining Clarity in Complexity

Maximising Portfolio Performance

Client Background: A well-established Revenue-Based Finance company with a diverse portfolio of SME clients, committed to empowering their growth.

The Challenge: This finance company faced a significant hurdle – expertise and resource gaps in portfolio management. Despite their dedication to their clients, their team struggled to comprehensively evaluate evolving risks. This resulted in missed opportunities and suboptimal portfolio performance.

The solution: Wiserfunding stepped in with a comprehensive solution. By infusing the company's operations with deep SME credit expertise and cutting-edge automation, we empowered them to take their portfolio management to new heights. With a holistic understanding of their SME clients' potential, the company made well-informed lending decisions, leading to the maximisation of portfolio performance.

Navigating Market Agility with Real-Time Data

Client Background: An innovative Revenue-Based Finance company renowned for its flexibility in supporting SMEs through various financial solutions.

The Challenge: The company had always been quick to adapt, but they faced a new challenge - staying ahead in an environment of rapidly changing market dynamics. Their reliance on historical financial data was akin to looking through a rearview mirror. They needed real-time insights to navigate the dynamic market landscape effectively.

The Solution: Wiserfunding provided the company with access to real-time financial data and market trends. Armed with these insights, the company could assess risk with agility. They became adaptable navigators, adjusting lending decisions as the market shifted. With Wiserfunding's real-time insights, they are always one step ahead in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Mastering Preparedness for Uncertain Futures

Client Background: A trusted Revenue-Based Finance company dedicated to providing SMEs with the necessary support for growth.

The Challenge: The company faced persistent uncertainty - "What if?" They were committed to their clients' success but needed a way to prepare for unforeseen economic downturns and other scenarios. Without the ability to test various lending scenarios, they often felt unprepared.

The Solution: Wiserfunding empowered the company with advanced scenario testing capabilities. With this tool, they could simulate the impact of economic scenarios on their clients' growth plans. This preparedness allowed them to make lending decisions based on comprehensive risk assessments and reduce uncertainties. They could confidently support their clients through thick and thin.

Gaining Clarity in a Complex Portfolio

Client Background: A Revenue-Based Finance company that highly valued clarity in their portfolio management.

The Challenge: The company's portfolio was as diverse as it was complex. Managing data from various sources became a labyrinth of information, hindering their decision-making. Each piece of data seemed disconnected, and they needed a unified view.

The Solution: Wiserfunding simplified their journey by consolidating data from various sources into one unified platform. The transformation replaced complexity with clarity. With a clear and holistic view of their portfolio, they made efficient management decisions and effectively supported their clients. They were no longer lost in data; they were empowered by it.

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