Introducing our new Portfolio Management Solution

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May 2023

Our mission is to empower the entire credit lifecycle for SME lenders. Screening and origination were always just the beginning. 

We’ve seen first-hand how investment managers struggle to maintain real-time insight into portfolio health as market conditions evolve. Without the right technology to effectively manage credit risk, SME lenders are at the mercy of market movements and can only take remedial action when it’s too late.

Pain Points

Disorganised storage
Portfolio data spread across a variety of tools, sources, and formats adds hours to every workflow and increases the risk of error
Stale data feeds
Outdated metrics pulled from old company filings reduce analytical accuracy and leave managers little to no time to take interventionist action
Manual processes
Portfolio reviews, regulatory procedures, and reporting require days to weeks of repetitive, Excel-based preparation time

Now, we’ve built a unified solution for faster, smarter portfolio risk management. The new solution enables SME lenders to optimise portfolio health and improve team efficiency with streamlined analytical tools. 


Centralised data management
Standardise portfolio metrics with simple uploads and automated re-formatting
Real-time data feeds
Maintain a live view of portfolio health with open finance feeds
Early-warning alerts
Get notified of material changes in portfolio health – and choose only the alerts you need
Proactive remedial actions
Take action faster to prevent unforeseen distress and default
Automated portfolio snapshots
Shortcut manual analytical tasks to focus on the insights that matter
Precision risk analytics
Benefit from our entire suite of tailored risk models and SME credit indicators

We’re offering early access to a select number of existing clients. Spots are limited, so follow the link or reach out to your account manager to join.

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