Powering the SME ecosystem

Our credit risk assessment solution extends its support to a diverse range of sectors and industries. Our cutting-edge technology and deep expertise enable financial institutions across various sectors to assess risks accurately, make informed decisions, and enhance their portfolio management. By providing real-time data insights, streamlined processes, and comprehensive risk assessments, we transcend sector boundaries, serving as a trusted partner for effective risk management across the financial landscape.

Asset management
Empower your dealmakers and managers with advanced analytical tools designed with SMEs in mind.
- Portfolio segmentation
- Regulation-compliant stress testing
- Internal & external benchmarking
Instantly assess customer creditworthiness beyond individual transactions for rapid and reliable financing.
- Automated screening & origination 
- API-enabled decisioning 
Boost profitability and improve customer experience with advanced analytics and insights at the touch of your fingertips.
- Streamlined customer onboarding
- Automated credit screening
- Predictive portfolio analytics

Get a 360° view of any transaction with holistic historical analysis and precise predictions of all parties to the deal.
- SME-specific risk benchmarking 
- Legal history, corporate governance & media coverage 
- Live risk analytics
Commercial Credit Insurance
Analyse borrowers to find new opportunities and maintain a margin of safety in your portfolio.
- IFRS-9 compliant Probability of Default (PD) 
- Loss Given Default (LGD) predictions 
- Embedded stress-testing & resilience analytics
Digital and Neo Banks
Onboard, originate, and service fresh financing with the speed and transparency that customers demand.
- Automated credit screening
-  Customisable risk criteria
-  API-integrated workflows
Embedded finance
From multi-sided marketplaces to point-of-sale finance, master your risk to focus on your customers and scale confidently.
- Integrated risk analytics 
- Instant credit assessments 
- Customised decisioning tools
Move faster than your borrowers and their payors for a smooth, safe factoring process.
- Borrower risk validation 
- Payor default prediction 
Non-bank lending
Build an entirely new risk function or augment your existing workflow with configurations to meet your lending model.
- Bespoke risk modelling 
- Rapid risk assessments 
Gain comprehensive insight into the financial viability of your customers with historical analysis and predictive modelling.
- Cash flow history & prediction 
- Financial ratio benchmarking 
Property Lending
Assess developers and building societies to power lending decisions at any stage of construction.
- Property-specific risk benchmarks
- Integrated management accounts data
- Press, legal, and financial history
Supply chain
Visualise the viability of your customers’ supply chains to spot financial strengths and opportunities.
- Sector-specific risk modelling 
- 5-year financial histories 
- Precision default predictions
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