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Non-Bank Lending During Crises

Julio Prado, Business Analyst at Wiserfunding, provides a summary of the recently published BIS research, highlighting two fundamental findings.


The Future of Private Credit Markets

Evaluating successful growth strategies despite changes in the credit cycle. Learn more about our event with CARDO AI in our latest blog post.

BNPL Affordability for SME Lenders

With Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) regulation on the horizon in the UK, the concept of borrower affordability is in full focus.


Breaking the Bias: Challenges and Solutions

As part of International Women's Day celebrations, Wiserfunding joined a distinguished online panel to talk about Breaking the Bias. Full summary...


The Ukrainian banking system during wartime

The Ukrainian banking system has demonstrated remarkable operational & economic resilience. We look at the underpinnings of this resilience..


Resilience is the new normal

We analysed a random sample of 1,820 SMEs across multiple industries using our unique approach to resilience analysis. Seven distinct archetypes...


Credit Risk Ranking in the Champions League

We sought to demystify the numbers so fans can bridge the gap between football & finance. We compiled three years’ worth of historical data for top...


SME Borrowers of Alternative Lenders in the UK

## Abstract SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) are fundamental to the economic development of any country, and access to credit is seen as an...


Estimating Conservative Loss Given Default

## Abstract The new Basel Capital Accord (Basel II) is going to be embedded in the risk management practices at many financial institutions shortly,...


The Credit Cycle Outlook

As public markets wrestle with macroeconomic risks and difficult national and regional events, the bull run of the past decade shows signs of coming...


Credit Risk Scoring Models

## Abstract Credit scoring models play a fundamental role in the risk management practice at most banks. They are used to quantify credit risk at...


Private Debt Markets: What lies ahead

## Abstract According to the Chinese horoscope, 2021 is the year of the Ox. In the Chinese culture, the Ox is an animal traditionally used in...


Measuring and Managing Credit and Other Risks

## Abstract During the last 40 years, risk management has evolved tremendously. The technologies and methodologies to measure risks have reached...

How Playter makes instant credit decisions

Playter is a B2B BNPL solution that empowers SMEs to take control of their cashflow through fast, flexible funding to spread their invoice across 6...

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