Export Credit

Empower your global growth

Export credit agencies grapple with the intricate challenge of accurately assessing credit risk in the dynamic realm of international trade. 

We empower export credit agencies to navigate this complexity with confidence, offering a comprehensive understanding of creditworthiness across borders. With our solutions, businesses can make informed lending decisions, mitigate risks effectively, and provide consistent and reliable financing support in the ever-evolving global market.

The Challenge

Navigating global expansion
Export-oriented businesses face a unique set of challenges when venturing into international markets:
Overcoming data obstacles 

Navigating global information mosaics


Export credit companies deal with a mosaic of data from multiple countries, currencies, and partners. This intricate web of information can be overwhelming and complex to manage and challenging to consolidate to make sense of the bigger picture.


Wiserfunding simplify this complexity by offering a unified platform to consolidate and analyse data from diverse sources. Our AI-driven technology transforms this fragmented data into actionable insights. We empower businesses to navigate the global information mosaic with ease, helping them make informed financing decisions that drive international growth.

Economic Conditions

Navigating unpredictable economic conditions


Markets can fluctuate due to geopolitical events, currency fluctuations, and economic downturns. Adapting to these volatile conditions while providing consistent financing solutions can be a significant challenge.


Wiserfunding provide businesses with tools to assess and mitigate the impact of market volatility. Our models consider real-time economic data and market trends, allowing businesses to navigate uncertain economic landscapes more effectively. By understanding and preparing for market fluctuations, Export credit companies can offer more resilient financing options to their clients and adapt to changing conditions with confidence.

Risk Assessment

Navigating the complexity of credit risk


Accurately assessing credit risk, especially in international markets, presents a multifaceted challenge. Traditional risk assessment approaches often struggle to provide the depth of insight required to make confident lending decisions.


Wiserfunding address the complexity of credit risk head-on. Through advanced AI-driven risk assessment tools, supported by extensive credit expertise, we empower businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of the creditworthiness of international buyers. Our real-time financial data and market insights enable businesses to navigate the intricate landscape of credit risk with confidence.

Elevating Sustainable Financing

As the world increasingly focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, Export credit companies face the challenge of aligning their financing with responsible and sustainable practices. Ignoring ESG considerations can lead to reputational risks and missed opportunities in the evolving global financial landscape.
Wiserfunding embraces the value of ESG measures. We integrate ESG factors into our risk reports, enabling businesses to evaluate not only financial risk but also environmental and social risks. By aligning financing decisions with ESG principles, Export credit companies can enhance their sustainability credentials, attract socially responsible clients, and contribute to a more responsible and ethical global financial ecosystem.


Our Portfolio Solution: Unlock the potential of your portfolio with credit intelligence

Experience faster, smarter portfolio risk management that grants you a 360-degree view of your portfolio.

Here's how we address the challenges:


Stay alert with valuable
risk monitoring
Receive automated reports offering visibility into risk metrics, enabling proactive measures to prevent unforeseen distress or default. Set customised alerts so you can keep an eye on the data most valuable to you.
Stay forward-looking  with a focus on future growth

Leverage automation to
stress-test market dynamics against a company's future performance within seconds. Bet on future growth with the right assumptions.

Enrich your data
with integration 
Break down silos by seamlessly integrating your accounting software, consolidating all your data for easy analysis in one place.
Case Studies

How we have helped other Export Credit Agencies:

Your pain? We understand. This is why we do what we do, and can provide you with an experience like no other.

  • Streamlining Global Operations

  • Real-Time Risk Mitigation

  • Holistic Portfolio View Across Borders

Client Background: A dynamic Export credit company with a growing portfolio of businesses seeking to expand their global reach.

The Challenge: The company needed a solution to streamline their global operations. Handling diverse data sources and assessing the creditworthiness of international buyers was proving to be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

The Solution: Wiserfunding introduced advanced automation and data consolidation tools. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and financial expertise, we enabled the company to streamline operations efficiently. This resulted in faster and more accurate credit assessments, boosting their capacity to support businesses in their global expansion endeavours.

Client Background: An innovative Export credit company known for its agility in providing financial solutions to businesses entering international markets.

The Challenge: The company faced the pressing challenge of real-time risk mitigation. With global market dynamics evolving rapidly, they needed a solution to assess and mitigate risk in real time.

The Solution: Wiserfunding introduced real-time risk assessment capabilities. By providing access to up-to-date financial data and market insights, we empowered them to assess and mitigate risk with agility. With Wiserfunding's real-time insights, they became agile financiers, proactively managing risk as global markets fluctuated.

Client Background: An Export credit company committed to providing clarity in managing their diverse portfolio of international clients.

The Challenge: The company managed a diverse portfolio of international clients across various countries, industries, and currencies. The challenge lay in consolidating data from these diverse sources into a unified view.

The Solution: Wiserfunding simplified their journey by consolidating data from multiple sources into one unified platform. This transformation replaced complexity with clarity, enabling efficient portfolio management. With a clear and comprehensive view of their international portfolio, they made informed financing decisions and effectively supported businesses in their global expansion.

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