Test the unrivalled
power of our risk assessment solution.

At Wiserfunding, we harness unstoppable intelligence, fuelled by state-of-the-art technology and unrivalled expertise, to empower you with invaluable insights that will fortify and expand your portfolio.

Still sceptical? Start your journey of discovery with our demo, which showcases the powerful solutions we offer:

  • Origination: Discover how you can assess and seize
    new business opportunities instantly with our automated tools.

  • Portfolio: Uncover priceless insights with access to some of our 76+ risk models, tailored to different geographies and sectors.

  • Regulatory: Understand the power of personalised alerts in staying informed about portfolio shifts, ensuring consistent compliance 

Why choose Wiserfunding?

Our solutions are: 

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Receive instant revaluation and response to data through our platform or API

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Adapting to nuance at each level of analysis with the integrations with many data providers built-in

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Enabling a fully customised solution uniquely developed to

fit every client