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Insights as flexible as your financing

Boost revenue and lower lending costs with streamlined credit intelligence tailored to your BNPL underwriting process. With AI-powered automation and robust risk assessments, our credit solutions scale as fast as you do.

The end of credit chaos

Unleashing true potential  

SME credit assessments with outdated inputs create garbage-in, garbage-out models that hold back portfolio potential. Stop losing upside from long decision times and inaccurate assessments.
Complex data wrangling

Validating hundreds of data points from dozens of sources strains your underwriters and engineers with unnecessary processing

Unreliable credit indicators

Standard risk models that fit corporates and consumers don’t scale for SMEs, creating imprecise and backward-looking risk assessments

Stale risk ratings

SMEs evolve on a monthly – and even weekly – basis, so management accounts from years ago render risk ratings outdated

How we can help: Future-proof your risk management

Enable lightning-fast user experiences and smarter credit decisions for sustainable portfolio growth. Our solution reduces time spent on manual tasks and enriches credit intelligence for smarter credit decisions delivered in seconds.

Our solution: Next generation credit intelligence 

Our platform fuses deep SME credit expertise with AI-powered automation to enrich your team’s credit operations, from screening and origination to portfolio management.

Simplify your data
Eliminate manual data collection and access everything you need in seconds

Originate with confidence

Use our AI-powered models to generate a report, so you can embed reliable analytics directly into your underwriting workflow.

Grow with your customers

Monitor your portfolio with live data streams to retain customers for repeat sales and higher lifetime value

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