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Boost revenue and lower lending costs with streamlined credit intelligence tailored to your BNPL underwriting process. With AI-powered automation and robust risk assessments, our credit solutions scale as fast as you do.

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The end of credit chaos

SME credit assessments with outdated inputs create garbage-in, garbage-out models that hold back portfolio potential. Stop losing upside from long decision times and inaccurate assessments.
Complex data wrangling

Validating hundreds of data points from dozens of sources strains your underwriters and engineers with unnecessary processing

Unreliable credit indicators

Standard risk models that fit corporates and consumers don’t scale for SMEs, creating imprecise and backward-looking risk assessments

Stale risk ratings

SMEs evolve on a monthly – and even weekly – basis, so management accounts from years ago render risk ratings outdated


Future-proof your risk management

Enable lightning-fast user experiences and smarter credit decisions for sustainable portfolio growth. Our solution reduces time spent on manual tasks and enriches credit intelligence for smarter credit decisions delivered in seconds.
Simplify your data

Eliminate manual data collection and access everything you need in seconds

Originate with confidence

Use our AI-powered models to generate a report, so you can embed reliable analytics directly into your underwriting workflow

Grow with your customers

Monitor your portfolio with live data streams to retain customers for repeat sales and higher lifetime value

Financial statements allow you to access the freshest filings and calculate a full suite of financial ratios at the click of a button, cleaned and synthesised for easy use. We pull non-financial data such as corporate governance, legal events, press coverage, and social media data to build a rich company portrait beyond the numbers.  Our research shows that macroeconomic variables like defaults, GDP growth, inflation, unemployment and interest rates all have material implications for risk. We built them into our platform so you never miss the big picture.

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Our Solution

Next generation credit intelligence

Our platform fuses deep SME credit expertise with AI-powered automation to enrich your team’s credit operations, from screening and origination to portfolio management.
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Cut through the complexity of risk reporting with a single, comprehensive metric based on all 3 modules of our risk engine. Each business receives a risk rating from 0 to 1,000 alongside industry and geography benchmarks.

Untitled (1200 × 1200 px) (1)    Generate a reliable Probability of Default for your reporting and financial modelling. We calculate a 1-year PD by transforming the SME Z-Score using exponential formulas, calibrated by country and industry.

Untitled (1200 × 1200 px) (5)Understand exactly how much is at stake in a worst-case scenario. We derive an unsecured LGD for each company using balance sheet ratios and macroeconomic benchmarks in similar industries and countries.

Close new business with speed and reliability.
“We get data in 15 seconds that banks and credit bureaus don’t, and the integration with our credit analytics enables us to make good, fast lending decisions. “ - Playter
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Maintain portfolio health with ease and insight.
“Wiserfunding gives us a complete and uniform tool for analysis that should be the industry standard. It blows away anything I’ve seen for credit reporting for SMEs.” - Lenderwize
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Take the cost and stress out of compliance.
“Wiserfunding worked with us to build tailored LGD risk models so our risk function could easily become compliant with new FCA regulations.” - Assetz Capital
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Consolidated credit assessments

All your credit data lives in one place with over 800 data points and up to 10 years of financial history alongside our suite of credit analytics

Dynamic credit ratings

Assess the holistic health of each client with forward-looking risk ratings based on Point-in-Time risk models

Open finance data stream

Monitor your portfolio with live data streams to retain customers for repeat sales and greater lifetime value

Easy API integrations

Access every data point through a single interface to automate and populate your data whenever, wherever you need it

Precision assessments

Benchmark your risk appetite by sector and geography with comprehensive models trained on over 2 billion data points

Early warning indicators

Receive real-time alerts on portfolio creditworthiness based on changes in the credit indicators of your choosing

“I don’t think our business would be around 5 years ago if it weren’t for the technology that Wiserfunding and Codat provide. They help give us the speed and accuracy we need to win business and scale very quickly, and it goes beyond technology – Wiserfunding are experts in SME credit risk and underwriting. They have provided support at every turn as we continue to scale. We get the data we need in 15 seconds, data that banks and credit bureaus simply don’t access, and the integration with our credit analytics enables us to make good, fast lending decisions. Wiserfunding and Codat have been invaluable to our growth.”
Jamie Beaumont
Founder & CEO
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Why partner with us?

SME expertise
Our 76 sector-specific risk models are built on over 5 decades of academic research and real-world data
Flexible platform
Accessible via API or front-end portal, our platform is configurable to fit your infrastructure
Partnership ecosystem
Our partnerships with leading financial entities enable easier integrations and shorter time to value

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