About Us


Wiserfunding is a London-based FinTech company specialised in assessing the credit risk of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Through our online platform, we allow businesses looking to obtain finance or lenders and insurers looking to assess the risk of business applicants to get more accurate data to make better decisions quicker than ever before. Wiserfunding provides SMEs across Europe with a credit score based on past financial history and a range of publicly available structured and unstructured data.

Wiserfunding was founded by Professor Edward Altman and Dr. Gabriele Sabato in 2016. Ed was one of the pioneers of credit risk analytics back in the 60s and inventor of the Z-score. The two founders have been doing research together since 2004 and have published several academic papers on SME risk modelling. Wiserfunding leverages on their skills and expertise to provide lenders, investors and SMEs with the most accurate, credible and independent risk assessment.

Our team brings together the leading experts of SME modelling and SME financing from across the world. We have developed a new Z-Score, specific for SMEs, built on the foundations of Ed’s pioneer Z-Score model. Our unique models are segmented by country and industry sector to maximise their prediction power.

While lending to SMEs appears to be a near paradigm shift in Europe, allocation of funding without a strong risk assessment framework could result in poor credit decisions or credit pricing decisions. Wiserfunding works closely, both with traditional sources of finance such as banks, new and alternative financing providers and insurance companies. Our ultimate objective is to become the market standard for SME risk assessment in Europe.

Why Us?

Why us ?

We are probably the most experienced in the market when it comes to assessing the riskiness of small business. We have developed models to assess SME’s riskiness for very long time (and actually one of the founders, Ed Altman invented scoring models back in 1968…).

In 2005, we were the first to emphasise the importance of having risk models specific for small business. We have spent many years working for banks, doing research on small business and speaking with many entrepreneurs across the world. We can speak the language of the financial industry and we are experts of corporate finance. Ultimately, our advices are what you need to take the best business decisions.

What we do ?

We are specialised in developing innovative and powerful risk models to assess the creditworthiness of small businesses and we make our results available to companies, lenders and investors through our web platform.

Two of the founders (Ed Altman and Gabriele Sabato) have been working on distress prediction models for small business since 2004.

Their studies were the first to identify the need for bespoke SME models. By working across different geographies and economic cycles, Ed and Gabriele have mastered their understanding and know-how in relation to risk models for small business developing innovative methodologies that allow our models to achieve extremely high performances.

Our core principles

Offering Responsible Business Advices

We are committed to providing the best possible financial advice to SMEs to help them to understand their riskiness, debt capacity and capital structure. We want to equip each firm with the right amount of information to allow them to get the best type and cheapest funding.

Providing Truthful, Transparent, and Complete Information

We are committed to ensuring that our small business customers are provided truthful, transparent, and complete information about their risk profile and best funding options so that they can make prudent and informed decisions.

Focusing on Privacy and Data Security

We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of our small business customer’s information, and providing transparent disclosure of how this information is used.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

We are committed to ensuring that all aspects of a customer’s experience meet the highest standards of service excellence.

Respecting Our Customers

We are committed to serving as a trusted partner, promptly and fairly responding to inquiries, and treating our customers with respect in all matters.

Living by Our Values

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best team of professionals in the industry.

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