“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

–Peter F. Drucker

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Building the new market standard to assess the credit risk of SMEs

Dr. Edward Altman and Dr. Gabriele Sabato started Wiserfunding to put in practice everything they had learnt in many years of research and work on SMEs. Wiserfunding enables bank and non-bank lenders, investors and corporates to better allocate funds to SMEs, helping them to build their assets, lend money in a risk-managed way, and reduce the cost of acquiring new suppliers or customers. By accessing more comprehensive data to show which companies will likely generate long term value, financial markets can help SMEs to grow and prosper.

Building on the Z-Score model, which has stood as the industry standard for 50 years, Wiserfunding uses Artificial Intelligence to assess intangible factors such as corporate governance, management capacity and macroeconomic outlook.

Interviews with our Founders

Find out more about Wiserfunding with these interviews with our founders.

The SME Z-score

Dr Edward Altman on the launch of the SME Z-score.

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Helping SMEs

Dr Gabriele Sabato on helping SMEs build a strong credit culture and improving market efficiency.

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Creating Credit Culture for SMEs

Dr Edward Altman on why he founded Wiserfunding to create a credit culture for SMEs.

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Other Interviews

SME Specific Independent Models

Dr Gabriele Sabato on creating SME specific independent models for measuring risk and helping SMEs

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Where We are in the Credit Cycle

Dr Edward Altman on where we are in the credit cycle.

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Partnering with the Italian Stock Exchan...

Dr Edward Altman on Wiserfunding partnering with the Italian Stock Exchange

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Fully Automated Risk Solutions

Dr Gabriele Sabato on creating a cloud based, fully automated risk solution to assess the credit

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Building Wiserfunding

Dr Gabriele Sabato on the journey of creating Wiserfunding, a cloud based, fully automated risk

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Wiserfunding's technology

Dr Gabriele Sabato on creating Wiserfunding to combine the original Z-Score with the latest the technology.

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Economic Downturn Effects

Dr Edward Altman on the effects of an economic downturn on the financial industry

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The Original Z-Score Model

Dr Edward Altman on developing the original Z-Score model, the first multi variate model to assess the risk of companies.

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Market Standard Assessment

Dr Edward Altman on creating a market standard for measuring risk of SMEs and providing a common form of assessment.

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