Risk models

The Sme Z-score

Our scoring models are powerful and unique. We are specialized in assessing the credit risk of SMEs that we define as companies with a turnover between £1m and £150m. In this space, companies start to have a proper financial structure and corporate governance. We have worked extensively across more than 10 years to find the most predictive financial ratios and qualitative variables to assess the risk profile of SMEs.

We segment our models by geography and industry sector to maximize their prediction power. All our models have the same structure with 3 modules to ensure consistency across different countries.


The components of our models

SME-Zscore Steps Wiserfunding
SME-Zscore Steps

predictive Power

The prediction power of our models depends on the sector, but is generally between 80% and 90% accuracy ratio. This performance is exceptional on SMEs that are very complex companies in continue evolution.

Accuracy Ratio

Geographical coverage

Because no country can be apprehended in the same way,
we adapt our model to each of them.

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Risk metrics

We have automated the sourcing of all the information we need to derive our SME Z-Score and all the metrics we derive from it. So, anyone can benefit our knowledge and expertise in few seconds.

Risk Metrics SME Z-score
Risk metrics Wiserfunding


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