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We are specialised in developing credit risk models for SMEs and we make our assessment available to companies, lenders and advisors through our web platform.

Our models are unique and powerful. They include a mix of quantitative and qualitative variables that we have identified in more than 10 years of research on this topic. On the top of this, we apply innovative mathematical transformations to maximise the value of each variable and this leads to impressive results in terms of prediction accuracy of our models.

We offer an annual subscription with the price linked to the number of risk assessments that you need. We have a standard offer for companies that would like to assess their risk profile using our platform. For Lenders, investors and advisors, we create bespoke packages tailored on their specific needs.

Our pricing is extremely competitive giving our clients the opportunity of getting the best risk assessment on the market at a fraction of what they would pay with any of our competitors.

How it works - it’s quite simple

Step 1.

We review the financials and the capital structure of a company and apply our proprietary Credit risk model (SME Z-Score) to come up with our assessment. We use financial and non-financial information to evaluate the riskiness of small business. Our extensive experience allows us to use a small number of variables to achieve impressive results in terms of prediction accuracy of our models.

Step 2.

We generate our Wiserfunding Risk Assessment report (Sample report). This includes everything you need to know. How risky is the business. How does it compare to peers in terms of riskiness and capital structure. What is the debt capacity. Our recommendations in terms of funding options and average pricing. All this information is presented in a clear, understandable and comprehensive way in our report.

Step 3.

You download the report from the secured area of our web site and prepare yourself for your next move. You now have the right set of information to have an informed conversation with your counterparty. Ultimately, you are ready to unleash your potential.